Lovecraft Stories I’ve Loved

UPDATE NOTE (3 July 2011): Not really an update, I just ended the final paragraph, as it was incomplete somehow. ORIGINAL POST: My friend Chris still hasn’t read HPL, though he is an excellent writer working in genre fiction and really, I imagined he would have somehow, for some reason, just because Lovecraft’s influence is […]

Wonmisan’s Old Thin Man (Apple Cider)

A few weeks ago, my friend and former colleague did me a favor by picking up six gallons of apple juice from Costco, and finally I got the time to put it all into a carboy and dump the yeast in. The yeast, by the way, is Wyeast 4766, a common cider yeast. I call […]


I’ve signed up for the Clarion West Write-a-thon again this year. This time around, I’ll be working on my long-deferred novel project, A Killing in Burma. I have a chunk of it written and I’m going for about 10,000-15,000 words a week, which should be possible even amid brewing, exercising, and catching up on my […]

Things to…

Lots of things going on, and if you call me I’ll talk about them. But for those without my phone number, the things aren’t bloggable. Anyway, here are some things that are, which I’ll go ahead and post because I’ve got windows upon windows open with links I’d like to post: Charles Tan asks whether .epub […]