Martian Migraine’s Cthulhusattva ToC Announced!

So, the whole world is right now poring over reports of the biggest data leak yet to journalists (and rightly so, though, er, we’re not surprised by much of it, are we?), but I’ll go ahead and post this anyway: It looks like the word is out on the table of contents Martian Migraine’s forthcoming Cthulhusattva: Tales […]

In Other News…

It’s been such a busy time I haven’t updated much, but a lot has been going on, and not all of it relates to poo, diapers, 3:00am feedings, and baby wipes… There’s been some movement on several fronts, in fact: fiction writing & publication, RPG/game writing, and a workshop I attended just before Noeul was born. […]

On the Lovecraftian Mode

A while back, I found myself in a kind of Lovecraftian mode. I was writing specifically stories that sort of merged my own version of Lovecraft’s Dreamlands setting with his Cthulhu stories, the stuff set in a world like ours, but with a horrifying alien-god conspiracy hidden in its shadows. I’ve long felt like this […]