All Spammers Must Die

I hate comment spammers. I really do think they all need to be taken off onto some desert island, if not dropped into the ocean. They’re basically taking the best positive invention of the 20th century, and coating it in feces. Okay, it’s a little personal at this point. There was so much comment spam […]

Scattered Flurries

No, it’s not yet snowing in Jeonju. It’s just that we had a camp meeting last night and Myoung and I are preparing the documents for the camp. That means a lot of paperwork and preparations. I’m trying to make the worksheets for the kids look a little more interesting, as well as easier-to-read, so […]


Shawn recently informed me in no uncertain terms that it was bloody time I put up a new poll. I suggested, very seriously, that he should write one if he wanted a new poll up. So he did! It’s now up, in the right sidebar. Check it out, vote, but please only vote once. I […]