Zombies and Sociobiology

Some might remember me posting a link regarding a call for papers on the zombie for an interdisciplinary collection? Well, today (Hallowe’en!) is the deadline, and even though I’m a good half-day ahead of the recipient, I got it tidied up and decided to send it off now. The gist of my proposal is that […]

Busy, So Raftman

I’m busy as all get-out, and while I’ve fallen out of the habit of sharing the interesting stuff I run across online — there’s just so much of it! — I do want to share this, which I found at Tor.com… The Raftman, by Keith Bearden:

[redacted] and the Blowfish

Yet more good writing-related news: the Machine of Death anthology is going to be illustrated, and (I think this is firm) I’m chuffed at who they’ve chosen to illustrate my little yakuza story! (Which some might remember is titled “Improperly Prepared Blowfish.”) (NOTE: I noticed that the guys over at Machine of Death is not […]

What Todd and Peanut Have in Common

I changed schools a lot in elementary school, mostly just because my family moved around a lot. When we arrived in Prince Albert, a town in Northern Saskatchewan, I ended up at this small elementary school where one of my classmates was a kid named Todd. Now, this was in the fourth grade, when secondary […]

Dhuluma No More Podcast

More writing squeeage — Starship Sofa, an excellent British SF podcast I’ve been listening to for a while now, will be podcasting “Dhuluma No More,” my most recent publication which appeared in Asimov’s SF. Now, I just need to get the manuscript tidied (ie. enter the copy-edits into my final text) and email it to […]