On Trust

I just made my first real, serious edit to Wikipedia. I’d been reading about Yu Gwan-sun the other day, so I couldn’t help but notice something interesting mentioned in he book I’m reading now, Donald Clark’s history of foreigners in Korea from 1900-1950. In passing, Jeanette Walter is mentioned, and if that doesn’t mean much […]

TEFL RPGing Aplenty

So, a while back I posted about using an D&D-like role-playing game as part of my teaching with one of our students. (See: Youngmin and the Magic World.) I recounted the story, and promised an update, but I haven’t followed through… Not for want of RPG action, of course. Youngmin has since rhyme-battled a forest […]

Last Night I Dreamed…

… and woke remembering the dream, so I figure, it must be noteworthy. What I remember is that I was involved in making a film with Jetse de Vries. Mind, he was in the body of this other guy I know, a filmmaker in Korea named Josh, but it was Jetse alright, and he piled […]

Akai EWI 5000 announced

UPDATE (25 Jan 2014): Video of the thing in action. Doesn’t reveal much, but I’ve added it anyway: Original Post: I plan on getting back to my promised post about Korean education, but this news deserves a little post, so: Although I have a Yamaha WX5 waiting for me in Seoul, my newest piece of […]