Bracing Myself for Evisceration, But At Least I’ll Probably Still Have All My Horrid Teeth

Well, Fukuoka here I come. I guess my SF-writer credentials maybe came in handy this time, for one of my proposed papers — “Another Undiscovered Country: Understanding the Particularities of Reception and Adoption of the Science Fiction Genre in South Korea Through The Examination of 21st Century Korean SF Cinema” — got accepted for the […]

Stuff Going On

Been busy like mad, and traveling for the next few days, but briefly: I’m getting my students to release stuff (or let me release their stuff) online. The first in a series of projects is now up at YouTube: my Korean students considered popular stereotypes believed in Korea about foreign countries (like France, America, South […]

in bangkok

One thing I got to say — the raised pedestrian walkways make life a lot easier. I wish they were building that in Seoul, instead of a silly canal to Busan. (So we wouldn’t have to stand at every corner for five minutes waiting to cross the street.) Oh, and the VIP seats in the […]