WIP: “The Biggest Sarge Ever”

This is one of those updates that writers who blog sometimes write. However, I’m getting a kick out of my current WIP, to which I added about a thousand words this morning. It’s a tough project, partly because I’m trying to blend two different kinds of jargon — futuristic environmental and technical stuff (the SFnal […]

Home Again, Home Again

… jiggety jig. I was a busier this weekend than I have been in a while, in a social way. My friend James came up to Seoul and ended up crashing at my place in Bucheon on Friday night, and then on Saturday we headed into Seoul and met up with Roger Wellor Charles Montgomery […]

Missed Call?

If you tried to call me just now? I dropped my phone while answering your call, and it shut off (because the battery is needing to be replaced.) I have no record of your call. Just in case. Try me again.

If Yo Ass is Doing WorldCon

Then yo ass might appreciate these bitlets: The 2009 Hugo Voter Packet, kindly assembled by John Scalzi, is now available for everyone who is eligible to vote. If you’re attending or a supporting member, you are eligible to download it. More details on Scalzi’s blog — it’s freaking huge, and full of amazing stuff… including […]

Woot Canawr, Stage 1.

If you’ve seen that episode of The West Wing where Ceejay (C.J.?) visits the dentist, you know what’s going on. I got me a root canal today. Well, I got myself a part of one, anwyay: Yeah, baby. Stage 1 of my root canal. I’m not feeling pain yet, but I know I’m in for […]