“Lester Young…” Reviewed @ The Fix

What a lovely review of my story Val Grimm has posted at The Fix as part of a review of the July ’08 Asimov’s SF: Think about the first time you discovered science fiction you enjoyed; remember the wonder and joy you felt, the sort of sensation that makes you twelve years old again. Sellar […]

Big Surprises and Random News

For Inner Circle Members, only! So, let’s see: One of our department assistants suddenly quit without notifying any members of our department, yesterday afternoon at 4pm. Though I was one of the people who defended her and helped keep her in her position this semester, she decided to stick me with the crappiest class assignment […]

Seuma’il, Sshipal Balgaengi! (Smile, F*cking Commie!)

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to understand why so many Koreans seem to support the idea that Korea needs top-down censorship and top-down elimination of anonymity online. They often cite the abhorrent behaviour of “Korean netizens” as evidence, with the Dog Poop Girl cited as a minor example and the suicides of […]