No Surprise

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It comes as no surprise to me to hear (as I have heard tonight) that one of the most queer-friendly sites in the Korean internet is a site hosted by a major Korean SF-author. Not because I think there’s a link between SF and alternative sexualities (though this author has addressed that set of issues […]

Lester Young Podcast Live @ Starship Sofa!!!

Yes, here it is! Tony  at Starship Sofa has posted this week’s podcast, which includes a wonderful dramatic reading by J.J. Campanella of my Asimov’s novelette “Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moons’ Blues.” The cover art for this issue is an excellent scene from the story by artist Skeet Scienski (who also has an audio […]

Since Feb 27th

In the 27 days since Feb 27th, when I last saw my cardiologist, I have: … reduced my weight by 6.6 kilograms (though I’ve probably lost a little more fat, as it’s apparent, when I’m in short sleeves, that I’ve put on muscle mass). One of the professors I work with was teasing me that […]

Ada Lovelace Day

Argh! I missed it–unsurprising, since I’ve been deluged with work and email, and since I also spent more than an hour after a long string of classes today, helping some students figure out how to find  an angle for their article for the magazine we’re working on. (So if I haven’t replied to an email, […]