Apex Story of the Year Poll — Last Weekend to Vote!

For those who read Apex this past year, but haven’t voted yet in the first annual Apex year’s best story poll: this weekend is your last chance to vote for whichever story you liked best. Which may or may not have been my short story, “Cai and Her Ten Thousand Husbands” but if it was, […]

Good Enough for Nancy Kress…

While I was still ill, last week, I noticed an email had come in from someone at Asimov’s SF. It was concerning a request for permission to license “Dhuluma No More” to DailyLit, to do that thing DailyLit does. (And what it does is, it lets you read bite-sized chunks of a text by email […]

Webster’s Is a Threat to Children Everywhere: Burn Down the Libraries; Ban the Internet; Return to the Dark Ages!

Making the Twitter rounds: Moronic parents demand Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary be banned from schools. Moronic school board complies. (Okay, maybe just temporarily.) (Another link here.) Yup, it seems some parent noticed a definition for “oral sex” in the dictionary, freaked out because their fourth/fifth grader might look up that word and see something “graphically […]

Soraya Intercine Films’ UFO

Yup, this is what was on TV tonight: A prime time comedy SF TV show in Indonesian about a UFO and some people who retrieved it and made friends with the aliens inside. Miss Jiwaku also picked out what seems to be (maybe!) some kind of plot thread involving some kind of device (a drug, […]