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  1. Anselmo Quemot
    Anselmo Quemot August 13, 2011 at 5:17 pm . Reply

    Nice post, Gord, with some some very practical, well-thought out suggestions.

    But alas, I’m here to ask a small favour of you. Since we last had a little exchange on my blog about Korean sci fi, Dougal Dixon etc, I’ve received a request to interview a prominent sociologist about his latest book on transhumanism and related matters. Would you be interested in providing a question that I could use in the interview? I could send you the proofs, and would just ask that you do not distribute them. I know you’re busy, so it would be fine if the question was as short or as long as you liked, on any aspect of the book. And no, it doesn’t have to be specifically name dropping sociologists. For example, given your knowledge of South Korean society and culture, I imagine you could, should you so choose, bring to bear related specific issues to test the general propositions in the book.

    Furthermore, up to you whether you prefer anything to be anonymous, as in peer review, or linked back to you. If you’re interested, I would, of course, honour any requests you may have.

    Mind you, time is not yet at a premium, as the idea is to post the interview some time before the first week in October. Hopefully that would work for you.

    If you’re interested, I’ll send you the PDF.



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